Island History
Trawel Hotels Feridhoo Island: 

Geographical Location: Feridhoo is one of the 1200 islands in the Maldives archipelago.

It is situated in the northern portion of Ari Atoll, which is well-known and popular for scuba diving.

Ari Atoll is located 30 miles west of Male, the capital of the Maldives.

Diving Center: The island hosts a diving center, making it a hub for scuba diving enthusiasts.

Historical Background: In centuries past, two male African slaves, purchased by kings during their Hajj trips to Mecca, were formally released from slavery and settled on Feridhoo. One of the freed slaves was named Sangoru, who had previously worked for years at the palace in Malé. The ailing king released him to gain merit in the afterlife. The practice of freeing slaves before the death of the owner was a tradition among the very high nobility in the Maldives.

Legacy of African Ancestors: Many families on Feridhoo and neighboring Maalhos can trace their descent to these two African ancestors who were released from slavery. This historical background adds cultural richness to the island's identity and showcases the diverse heritage of its inhabitants. The combination of historical significance and its present-day role as a scuba diving destination makes Feridhoo an interesting and multifaceted location in the Maldives.